Penn State Trustees: Where Are Our Eagles?

The American flag must never touch the ground -- not because it might become dirty, but rather because even dipping the flag indicates subservience, while a flag on the ground signifies defeat and humiliation.  A lost flag or battle standard indicates a far worse catastrophe; hence Caesar Augustus' lament "Quinctilius Varus, where are my eagles?" after the loss of three legions and their eagle standards in the Teutoburg Forest.  The Romans took the matter so seriously that they came back to get two of those three eagles, and at considerable inconvenience to the German people.    On November 9 2011, Penn State's Board of Trustees not merely lost but threw away three eagles, and under far more shameful circumstances than defeat by a stronger adversary. They are specifically: (1) The honor and credibility of the Pennsylvania State University (2) The Stagg-Paterno Trophy (3) The Presidential Medal of Freedom We thought until recently that only Sir Henry Simmerson, the...(Read Full Article)