On That Violent Death in the Berkeley Hills

There is a substantial prima facie case for charging the Berkeley Police Department with having facilitated the murder of one of the city's residents. The case is based on the following simple, straightforward, undisputed, and well-known facts: * At about 8:45 on the evening of Saturday, February 18, 67-year-old Peter Cukor and his wife returned to their somewhat isolated hilltop home after having dinner out.  On doing so, they saw a stranger prowling about their garage and the exterior of their house. * They went into the house, and Mr. Cukor immediately called the police for help. * The Berkeley Police Department did not dispatch anyone to the scene.  In fact, an officer aware of the call volunteered to respond to it but was instructed not to do so. * Mr. Cukor left the house and walked some one hundred to two hundred yards to seek help at a fire station across the road leading down into Tilden Park.  There was no one at the fire station. * While walking back to his...(Read Full Article)