Obama's Political Expediency Is Hurting Our Nation

As a candidate, Barack Obama's devious political machinations were one of his many character flaws available for public scrutiny yet continuously ignored.  For instance, he spoke at the AIPAC Policy Conference in 2008 at which he promised the over 10,000 Jewish attendees and the Jewish people who were listening in across the world that "Jerusalem will remain the capital of Israel and it must remain undivided."  The next day, in response to Muslim outrage, he completely changed his tune, explaining that the word "undivided" was "poorly chosen."  One would expect when it comes to a speech from the man who understands that his words lead to "folks faint[ing] all the time at [his] events," that man would choose those words wisely, but Obama the neophyte was given a pass. Yet Obama, having been well-trained in oratory and community organizing, was no neophyte.  That is why, while still a candidate, he found himself throwing long-term friends and advisors under the bus...(Read Full Article)