Obama and the Volt

Has anybody else noticed the disturbing correlation between Obama speaking for a product and that product failing miserably shortly thereafter?  And they say this guy gives good speeches.  Solyndra, Evergreen Solar, SpectraWatt -- the list of failures touted by Obama goes on and on and on.  Midas was to gold as Obama is to blood-red ink. When Obama visits a factory, it becomes a "failure factory," doomed to the scrap heap of defunct businesses.  Obama is such a bad luck schleprock, that if Obama were to warn the CEO of a company of his visit, I recommend that the CEO have all employees stay home and that he put a sign on the lobby door that reads, "Factory Being Remodeled Until Nov 6, 2012...unless there is no God and we have to close for an additional four years!" Sometimes, however, it doesn't even take a visit from Obama, and all Obama has to do is mention a company by name to doom it.  Obama's State of the Union addresses or stump...(Read Full Article)