Israel and Iran

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is coming to America on March 5 to discuss with President Obama Iran's continued development of its nuclear program.  The Atomic Energy Commission recently released a report stating that Iran has sharply stepped up its uranium enrichment development.  Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta believes that there is a strong likelihood that Israel will attack Iran in April, May, or June.  American Thinker interviewed some experts to get their opinion on the military option. Israel does not want Iran to enter a "zone of immunity," whereby enough of Iran's nuclear materials will be buried underground and beyond the reach of Israeli airpower.  A former CIA high-ranking official noted that there are "no easy answers.  None of the options are so overwhelmingly attractive, and every option comes with large risks."  Gilad Sharon, the son of former Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, who advised his father and is currently a...(Read Full Article)