HuffPo's Pro-Jihad Propaganda

John Feffer, co-director of Foreign Policy in Focus, has written a curious apologia for the irrational murders and riots taking place in Afghanistan in response to the inadvertent burning of Qurans at Bagram Airfield.  In "America's Image Problem in Afghanistan" in the Huffington Post, Feffer says that "the United States definitely sends mixed messages to the Muslim world." The messages don't seem mixed.  Obama's abandonment of our allies, his alienation of Israel, and his deference and submission to the Muslim world: bowing to the Saudi king; groveling to the Muslim world at Al-Azhar University in June 2009; ordering NASA to extol the contributions of the Muslim world; giving vocal support to the reviled Ground Zero mosque at his Iftar gala; the administration's endless apologies for the Quran-burnings; his $800 million in aid to the Muslim Brotherhood for their Islamic Spring; his silence on the Egyptian hostage crisis; his billet doux to Iran's Khamenei; his gift of our...(Read Full Article)