Holder's Department of Injustice

The ruling against the new Texas voting requirements law by U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder comes as no surprise to any who have been following the behavior of the Department of Justice's top official.  A Monday (3/12/2012) report from The Washington Post, "DoJ Bars Texas Voter ID Law," is thoroughly consistent with a similar decree issued by the Department of Justice against a state law in South Carolina.  In both states, their respective legislatures and governors had passed laws which required voters to present a state-recognized picture voter identification card in advance of voting.  The card could be in the form of a state driver's license, a state identification card (as issued by the Department of Motor Vehicles), or a student identification card.  In both cases, A.G. Holder has determined that the requirement of such verification is a violation of civil rights.  The alleged victims of these laws were not individuals, per se, but ethnic or racial...(Read Full Article)