Fluke and Liberals' Bodyguard of Lies

Winston Churchill declared that in war, truth was so precious that it must always be accompanied by a bodyguard of lies.  Because liberals are at war with American society and their true beliefs are repugnant to most Americans, liberals constantly conceal the truth of their beliefs with sweet-sounding lies. Liberals constantly create a cloud of lies about their support for tolerance and diversity to conceal the absolutely intolerant core of their faith.  Americans are informed that tolerance requires them to accept pornography, abortion, gay marriage, casual sex, and everything else that liberals happen to like.  Strangely, however, liberals are not required to tolerate things they don't like, such as calling Christmas Christmas. Fortunately, the strange case of Ms. Fluke has parted the veil of lies and revealed the heart of the liberal faith. Sadly, Rush's calling Ms. Fluke a couple of names -- names far less offensive than used by liberals to describe Sarah Palin,...(Read Full Article)