Diversity Studies on Steroids at Tufts University

Tufts University in suburban Boston has become a global powerhouse in the last decades, excelling in medicine, international affairs, and many other fields.  A spot in the class of 2016 for today's high school seniors is highly coveted.  It's therefore disappointing to read in an open letter addressed to faculty, students, and staff from the new dean of the School Arts & Sciences, Joanne Berger-Sweeney, that "my goal is to make the study of race and identities at Tufts a curricular and research strength ... a niche many academics consider cutting-edge in the field." Dean Berger-Sweeney outlines new initiatives underway: Diversity and inclusion are inherent strengths--necessary for excellence[.] ... In our search for a new dean of undergraduate and graduate students, Dean Abriola and I are paying careful attention to the expertise that potential candidates bring to this issue. We created a new Office of Intercultural and Social Identities, whose...(Read Full Article)