Democrats Ignore Real Racism while Exploiting Trayvon for Obama 2012

I caught a portion of testimony by a Jewish woman who escaped extermination in a Nazi concentration camp.  She said that upon their arrival, she was separated from her family and herded with other young women who looked strong enough to work. The women were ordered to strip naked.  Their heads and bodies were shaved.  She said that even sisters did not recognize each other afterwards. Clueless regarding the Nazis' agenda, the naïve new arrival asked a fellow prisoner who had been there a while, "When do we get to see our families?" The woman replied, "Stupid girl.  See the smoke coming out of those stacks over there? That's where they are burning your family." The young woman said that petrifying fear overtook her body. Folks, can you imagine the horror and all-encompassing fear? I cannot imagine being in that woman's situation, and I pray that I never will.  How could human beings treat fellow human beings with such cruelty? In 1977, Alex Haley's Roots: The...(Read Full Article)