Contraception Math

Broadly distributed contraception won't reduce unintended pregnancies, though many resist this conclusion.  Not to be deterred, herein I offer a new approach to demonstrate this fact. Before walking through the numbers, let's identify the assumptions made by those who believe that more contraception will reduce unintended pregnancies.  For reduction to be the case, (a) contraception must actually reduce the pregnancy risk of new users, and (b) such users' level of sexual activity must not increase materially.  The first statement is obviously true.  The second is true as well because any meaningful increase in sexual activity may offset the effect of contraception, which fails predictably, and result in an increase in unintended pregnancies. Put differently, the belief that new contraception reduces unintended pregnancies relies upon the assumption that "they're doing it anyway" -- that humans are in perpetual heat and are bereft of self control or dignity. ...(Read Full Article)