Congress and the Country Need Ken Timmerman

I met Ken Timmerman at the Washington Institute for Near East Policy in 2010.  I was overwhelmed from the start by his passion for freedom and democracy and his deep belief in the very principles that make America the greatest nation on Earth. Now Ken is running as a Republican in Maryland's newly redrawn District 8 outside Washington, D.C.  Ken, his wife Christina, and their five children are longtime residents of Kensington, Md. Ken selflessly and bravely continues to represent truth and justice, and he has a burning desire to set things right in Washington.  But more importantly -- and this is what's close to my heart -- he has a deep passion for the Iranian people and a need to help free them from the evil that has taken Iran and the world hostage. Ken has long understood the realities of the Islamic regime.  He continues to be involved in exposing the radicals who rule Iran and is an essential figure in helping Iranians with their desire for freedom. In...(Read Full Article)