Coming Soon: The Commercials that Obama Fears

President Obama knows that every public statement he makes is recorded and lives forever on the internet.  That is cause for serious worry.  The best campaign ad to run against Obama is one that uses his own words -- and those of the officials he has empowered -- against him.  When it comes to high gasoline prices, this is a target-rich environment. Two new polls show that Americans' opinion of Barack Obama has taken a dive.  The Washington Post headline "Gas Prices sink Obama's ratings on economy" zeroes in on the impact of high gas prices on his political prospects.  A New York Times/CBS poll released the same day shows a similar dramatic decline and states that Obama is heading into the general election on "treacherous political ground" and also chalks up at least part of the decline to much higher prices at the pump over the last few months.  High gas prices are a particular vulnerability of Obama's since they affect so many people so many times a...(Read Full Article)