Bradbury's America

In Ray Bradbury's Fahrenheit 451, the firemen's sole job it is to burn books.  Not just contraband books, but all books.  Today, we have our own firemen to metaphorically burn speech, massive flamethrowers in tow.  Anything that might disrupt us from our politically correct stupor sets off the alarm in the firehouse. Beatty explains, in Fahrenheit 451, one root cause of the mass censorship to which they have been accustomed: "You must understand that our civilization is so vast that we can't have our minorities upset and stirred.  What do we want in this country above all?  People want to be happy, isn't that right?" (63).  Consider this was originally published in 1951.  Our firemen have been called on Rush Limbaugh and Pat Buchanan.  They are not in uniform, but they are all uniform.  However, they have lost control; miraculously, these commentators have survived, thanks to a persistent resistance to the oligarch-like powers by a vast...(Read Full Article)