Arming the Syrian Rebels?

Learn from history, or you're destined to repeat it.  Last year the world watched as Libya birthed a new regime, but not after months of hard labor and thousands of deaths.  The U.S., leading NATO from behind, provided air support and enforced a no-fly zone, yet we didn't provide support in the form of weapons or advisers to the rebels.  But other groups did -- groups that now have influence over the direction of the nation, and that direction is leading right into the hands of Islamic fundamentalists and elements of the Muslim Brotherhood. Indeed, after the early civilian demonstrations were met with extreme violence by Gaddafi, including via sending bombers to crush the peaceful marches, the international community authorized via U.N. Security Council Resolution 1973 military action, "in defense of the civilian populations threatened by the regime."  But because of lack of initial engagement with the right partners, the rebellion was...(Read Full Article)