Andrew Breitbart for the Offense

Among the many things that made Andrew Breitbart a great man was that he played offense.  Most of the time warriors for freedom find themselves playing defense.  Instead, we should follow Breitbart's example. So many, many times I have been speaking at anti-jihad events and heard other speakers saying, "We are not racists, we are not bigots, we are not Islamophobes..."  This is an understandable impulse: to counter the leftist/Islamic supremacist charges that smear and defame decent people who are trying to defend their freedoms and way of life.  But at the same, it is playing on their field, allowing the foes of freedom to set the terms of the debate.  Breitbart never did that. We have allowed the jihadists and Islamic supremacists, and their leftist allies, to put us on the defensive.  We're always apologizing, tacitly accepting their narrative and responding to them in the parameters they set up.  Even worse, many even among the anti-jihadists...(Read Full Article)