When Obama Came into Office...

Every time you challenge Democrats on the bad shape of the economy three years (and $5 trillion) into Barack Obama's presidency, you get hit with something like "when Obama came into office, the economy was so bad," etc. So let's remember exactly how things were when Obama came into office.  When Obama came into office, the Democrats concluded two years of controlling both the House and Senate for the first time in over a decade.  Until they showed up, everything was quite all right. All hell broke loose after their anti-business policies started kicking in, and things became worse when the Democrat won the White House, too. When Obama came into office, he didn't show up as a sitting governor.  Instead, he was a voting member of the majority party in the Senate -- the majority party, remember, who created the mess -- and he only made things worse once in the White House.  See for yourself: ...When Obama came into office, the economy had just concluded a year of...(Read Full Article)