Was Obama's Apology to Karzai Appropriate?

Once again, President Obama is elevating Islamic beliefs above the vital interests of the United States. The media and NATO are largely reporting the Quran-burning incident in Afghanistan as a major U.S. military blunder -- an accident, if you will.  As such, Obama's written apology to Afghan President Hamid Karzai should not provoke outrage because the military inadvertently burned Islamic books in violation of Islamic law.  It appears to be axiomatic to the establishment that the military had no right to destroy the books. What's largely missing from the reporting is the reason the U.S. military removed and destroyed the books from its library at the United States-run Parwan Detention Facility next to the Bagram Airfield. The most we've gotten is that handwritten "extremist messages" by prisoners were apparently found on the pages of the Islamic books.  We're told that prisoners were exchanging hidden messages within the high-security prison.  Afghan workers at...(Read Full Article)