Viability for Me, but Not for Thee

You may not have heard the story of Amelia Rivera, a beautiful three-year-old Philadelphia girl in need of a kidney transplant.  According to her mother, Amelia was denied a life-saving transplant because she was "considered mentally retarded."  The statements attributable to her denying doctor are explicit and, if true, leave no doubt that the girl's life was discounted because she has a neurological syndrome. The hospital is wisely reconsidering, but this sort of decision is surprisingly common.  Initial reporting cited a Stanford-based report on organ transplant programs: Thirty-nine percent of programs stated that they "rarely" or "never" consider NDD [neurodevelopmental delays] in their decisions, whereas 43 percent of programs "always" or "usually" do. These 43% of programs are in low company.  Adolf Hitler's Charitable Foundation for Curative and Institutional Care, or Action T4, also deemed the handicapped undeserving of life. Whereas most things...(Read Full Article)