The Underlying Issue of the 2012 Campaign

Lost amid the fiction-based stage play that is the Obama re-election campaign and the contentious Republican nomination battle that has been focused solely on the personal destruction of various candidates is the failure to address the underlying factors that have created the ever-growing angst among the American people. The majority of the people know based on their day-to-day experiences that the United States is no longer the nation it once was and that those they relied upon to lead the country have failed them regardless of party affiliation.  They are part of a shrinking middle class and an economy that no longer creates high-paying jobs and upward mobility.  They see a future overwhelmed by unimaginable debt while a few at the top of the new American caste structure have exclusive access to a political system which benefits them greatly. While the Republican Party downplays it and the Democratic Party exploits it for political gain, there is no denying that the...(Read Full Article)