The Political Reality Behind the HHS Mandate

President Obama's policies and politics are focused like a laser on the so-called "women's rights" vote -- the feminist and the single women's vote.  According to Greenberg Quinlan Rosner Research (GQR), feminist voters in the 2008 presidential election created a "new American electorate."  The data support that conclusion.  Unmarried women supported Barack Obama by a 70-to-29 percent margin, and they voted for Democratic House candidates by a similar margin, 64-to-29 percent.  There was a 44-point difference in the voting patterns of married and unmarried women in 2008.  Unmarried women edged out both younger voters and Hispanic voters as the demographic with the strongest support for Obama. The inescapable conclusion?  The president is dependent upon continued feminist support for his re-election.  He is more than willing to throw religious rights voters "under the bus" to appease the "new American electorate."  His policy agenda melds with...(Read Full Article)