The Most Important Election of Our Lifetime

Is this the most important election of our lifetime?  If it is, then for conservatives like me, it will have been the ninth or tenth such election in recent memory. Were all those elections so vital?  Some were important, but not in the way we often think.  There was a joke after the 1964 election which went something like this: "Everybody told me in 1964 that if I voted for Goldwater, there would be riots in the streets and we would be stuck fighting a bloody land war in Asia.  Well, I voted for Goldwater, and they were right!" The elections between 1964 and 1980, in retrospect, seem fuzzy and trivial.  What did it matter in 1968 that Nixon beat Humphrey?  Nixon legitimized two vile Marxists empires ("Only Nixon can go to China.").  He created an FDR-like alphabet soup of domestic agencies which plague us to this day.  Nixon appointed Harry Blackmun, author of Roe v. Wade, to the Supreme Court.  Nixon committed American boys to fighting a...(Read Full Article)