The End of the Race Card?

Does the race card work?  There can be no doubt that it is played an awful lot these days.  In fact, in the age of the Obama, one could be forgiven for thinking that the left had discarded every other card in their deck. But is it effective in its aim to cow those critical of a socialist policy that vacillates almost daily between comically inept and extremely dangerous? Once, certainly, the charge of racist was something to be feared.  And those so accused knew they were for the pyre -- even as they frantically pleaded their innocence before self-appointed witchfinders general. But now?  Just think of the reaction the last time a liberal talking head played the card.  Was there fear?  Or, instead, outright derision? And do not make the mistake of thinking that such a response is the province of only the conservative commentariat.  Such sentiment is widely shared amongst everyday people, a significant percentage of whom voted for Obama the first...(Read Full Article)