The Abramoff Effect

Would Jack Abramoff be depicted as the arch-villain portrayed in the media if he were a Democrat?  Maybe, but having the Washington Post latch onto you means you are not one of them.  Abramoff was certainly not.  He made his way as the new breed of conservative activists in college at Brandeis as a freshman in 1977, where he organized a handful of  Republicans into a potent political  guerrilla strike force.  From there he ascended to the presidency of the national organization of the College Republican Union, rising to lead the Reagan-influenced Citizens for America. He changed course to attend George Washington Law School part-time while he pursued a career in film production.  Now he says he is returning to film-making after three and one-half years in jail for his shenanigans as a star K Street lobbyist.  He says what he did is what everyone else did -- and he's right.  He just did it better than anyone else. He went beyond the usual...(Read Full Article)