Son of Marx

Son of Islam?  Let's get real. Aside from his childhood attendance at a Muslim school in Indonesia, a school that was selected for him by his parents, Obama has never shown much interest in Islam.  Nor, some would say, has he demonstrated a sincere interest in Christianity. Obama's attendance at Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago may have had more to do with political opportunism than religious devotion.  In reality, there's little evidence that Obama as an adult has shown much interest in any religion. So to call Obama a "son of Islam" is true only in a particular sense.  His paternal ancestors were members of the Muslim faith, and Obama is their descendant. In truth, Obama is not really the son of any religion.  His father was brought up as a Muslim but became an atheist.  His mother was a self-proclaimed atheist who attended a leftist Unitarian Universalist church as a young woman.  His maternal ancestors, Stanley and Madelyn Dunham, who...(Read Full Article)