So Now It's the Lacrosse Murder

The American public loves stories. It loves stories better than explicated truth, because stories entertain better. Ask Dominique Strauss-Kahn. Ask the Hofstra lads.  And when the media gets something wrong, don't expect apologies or hand-wringing; there's just a rush to get on with the next story; because the truth would require so much explanation it would bore people and lose the audience. Now we have a murder committed in Virginia. Alcohol played a part. But too many people enjoy alcohol to focus on that; and besides, the media wouldn't want to come across as prudes. The defendant was a student -- but that's too broad a category to be meaningful. How about describing him as a lacrosse player?  That suits.  It reads better that way. The story has more of a tabloid flavor.  "Virginia Lacrosse Murder Trial goes to jury"-- Reuters "UVA Lacrosse Murder Trial: Guilty Verdict" -- ABC "UVA Lacrosse Murder" -- CBS "The Lacrosse Murder ..." -- TIME essay It  brings...(Read Full Article)