Sexy Sports

Feminists are getting their panties in a twist because women's sports garner more attention by costuming beautiful athletes in sexy garb.  The problem, as it turns out, is that most of the fans are men.  Consider the wildly popular Lingerie Football League (LFL).  Attendance is up, and the league is expanding, despite uproar from women's groups who claim that it's sexist.  It probably is, but who cares?  Men are the contented "victims," delighted to splash the cash as the ladies laugh all the way to the bank. Feminist writer Courtney Martin denounced the LFL as an example of "[o]bjectification at its most pernicious."  So what?  We're talking about sexy football, not salary equity or workplace discrimination.  Most sports fans are men who don't mind forking over some hard-earned currency even if it encourages these scantily clad gridiron beauties to exploit our visceral pleasures. Curiously, there was a revealing (pardon the pun) lack of...(Read Full Article)