Rationing our Rights

They said it would never lead to rationing.  But rationing is already here.  Under the latest assault by the Obama administration, they are rationing our rights.  Tens of millions of Catholics -- and tens of millions of the rest of us -- are having our religious liberty crushed by the latest health care mandate from HHS. The legislation that President Obama signed with a flourish in 2010 was supported by not a single Republican.  The election of 2010 resulted in a massive electoral "shellacking" -- the president's own word -- that cost the Democrats their majority in the House and serious losses in thousands of state legislative contests.  Ignoring all that, they advance. The National Archives saluted the Fourth of July in 2010 with a breathless announcement.  Just four months after Vice President Joe Biden hailed the signing of historic health care legislation as a "big [expletive deleted] deal," the folks at the Archives told us that they had discovered...(Read Full Article)