On the Cusp of a Natural Gas Bonanza, Massachusetts Bets on Wind Power

You'd have to be a dim bulb -- perhaps one of those 13-watt compact fluorescents -- to believe that forcing utilities to purchase expensive offshore wind power will lead to economic prosperity.  Yet this is precisely the reaction of the Boston press to a recent deal brokered by Gov. Deval Patrick. Gov. Patrick has been in a bind.  With the Green Communities Act of 2008, the state legislature enacted a clean energy mandate requiring that 20% of Massachusetts' power come from renewable sources by 2025, joining 36 other states with "Renewable Portfolio Standards."  Renewable energy, however, is expensive and especially hard to find in New England, and most voters don't like paying high prices for green electricity that behaves exactly like cheap electricity from natural gas or coal.  Patrick no doubt fears that the clean energy bandwagon could roll backwards and crush his re-election chances. A proposed merger between two local utilities, NStar and Northeast Utilities...(Read Full Article)