On the Church, the Military, and the Descent into Tyranny

The heart of America resides in its free institutions. In a republic committed to freedom, the church and the military, two of the country's most powerful organizations, must be allowed to construct and to follow the ethical guidelines, codes of conduct, internal rules, and hallowed rituals they themselves create without interference from the federal and state governments. In other words, the military --with self-limiting exceptions its specific duties and focus may require -- and the Church must have the freedom to define themselves, and must have the rights guaranteed by the Constitution and the Bill of Rights without qualification to all Americans. If both are not allowed by an increasingly arrogant administration to retain the freedom of conscience guaranteed by the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, they risk losing their authentic and free consciences entirely. In turn, when the conscience of an institution is corrupted and/or hijacked by another ethical...(Read Full Article)