Obama and the Negotiator's Tactic

There is a pattern to how Obama has advanced the project of a command-and-control economy -- i.e., fascism with a veneer of capitalism.  Using a negotiator's tactic, Obama sets up his opposition so that they will be happy with meaningless scraps.  The idea is to make demands that are outrageous to demand and then later back away to a degree it is no longer deemed egregious.  The opposition walks away foolishly thinking it scored a victory, all the while not realizing that the line had been moved.  By being focused on the worst of the demands, no one notices that they are accepting the premise behind the demands.  This is the tactic of the shrewd negotiator, who includes things that he knows he does not need in his list of wants.  It is his hope that when he feigns a concession by removing some of the unneeded items, the other side shall be in a morally obligatory position to make their own concessions.  In the political arena, the use of this tactic...(Read Full Article)