Lost in the Magoo: Women and the Great Political Divide

The central character in "The Mr. Magoo Show" suffered from nearsightedness.  In each episode of the 1960s television program, Mr. Magoo blinked rapidly and struggled to find his way out of his confusion.  Mr. Magoo's failure to address his limitations was part of his charm. However, being "lost in the Magoo" -- or, in more contemporary lingo, being dazed and confused -- is less entertaining when more is at stake.  At a time when collaboration is at a premium with American voters, the ongoing face-off between conservative and liberal women serves no one well.  A December 23, 2011, USA Today survey reveals that more than 2.5 million voters have abandoned the Democratic and Republican parties since 2008, even as the number of those identifying themselves as independents grows.  The trend cannot entirely be explained by what USA Today calls "voter disgust" (some voters disappear from the rolls because they move, die, or are deemed "inactive"), but anger,...(Read Full Article)