It's Bush's Fault

Nobody will be surprised if the next time a hurricane hits the U.S., President Obama blames the devastation on George W. Bush.  Whatever the nature of the bad news, Obama invariably points to Bush, who has become Obama's shield against all responsibility.  But in one respect, Obama would be right to find fault with his predecessor: Bush was indeed partially to blame for the disaster that was his own presidency.  He did a great deal of damage to himself -- both to his presidency and to the Republican brand. George W. Bush came to power determined to rule as a gentleman, sticking to the good manners imbibed from childhood in the household of Barbara and George Sr.  He studiously ignored the slings and arrows from the Bill Clinton crowd and their allies in the media.  He insisted on showing goodwill to his predecessor and the Democratic opposition, keeping quite a few Clinton political appointees in place to demonstrate that he was not just a Republican...(Read Full Article)