Invisible Hand at Work?

So far this election season, the grassroots have spat out Republican candidates like rounds from a Gatling gun, reducing a field of nine to effectively three who could win the nomination.  Which is not to overlook the Paul campaign, which is both committed to the end and garnering votes.  Going into Michigan and March beyond, so far the race is competitive.  Many of us half-expected to see Romney juggernaut his way into an early sew-up.  He still can.  He has the money, he's vetted, he has public attention, he seems nice enough on TV.  What's the problem?  Purity, to many of the vocal ones.  Heart, to many of us on Main Street. A look at the chart of issues from the Wall Street Journal seems reassuring enough as to whether a President Romney would be a huge improvement over what we have.  If one shakes off perfectionism, Mitt Romney looks more electable than the others in the Fab Four. What could be better for people who want a new face but...(Read Full Article)