I Will Pay My "Fair Share" of Taxes When...

Our president throws out the phrase "fair share" pretty often -- on his campaign stops throughout the country, in his State of the Union campaign speech, you name it.  But the president needs to understand that fairness is a subjective thing.  One man or woman's legitimate, evenhanded, free-from-bias, conforming-to-rules tax proposal just might be considered unfair by the people being taxed. President Obama is being totally unfair to the people he wants to tax in order to pay for his dream of an evenhanded America.  The facts support this -- nothing subjective about it.  So I will pay my "fair share" of taxes when: Obama and the Democrats stop spending more money than they bring in.  People looking over their budgets at home know the consequences of spending more than they make.  It's called "going bust."  Default and bankruptcy won't be too far behind if that condition continues. Moody's is watching America's debt....(Read Full Article)