Gary Sinise: An American Hero

I'd like to tell you about an American hero I know: Gary Sinise. Gary, as you know (unless you live under a rock), played Lt. Dan in Forrest Gump and currently stars in CSI New York.  He boasts too many other award-winning roles on stage and screen to list.  What you probably don't know is how much time, energy, and money Gary spends to serve our troops, both active-duty and veterans, and their families.  I first saw Gary perform in the basement of a Catholic church in Highland Park, IL about a million years ago.  The lighting was rotten and the seats were uncomfortable, but the acting was like nothing I'd witnessed -- ever.  To watch this man on stage was to step into the mind and life of the character he played.  With all that in mind, though, I had no idea at fourteen that I would idolize Gary one day for something having absolutely nothing to do with his acting chops. Cut to present: while still acting in a long-running hit show on broadcast...(Read Full Article)