For Conservatives, Winning's the Thing

I'll begin by quoting President Obama: "Let me be clear: this is not about me."  If we elected a president who met all of my criteria, he would: oppose abortion on demand without constraint; support a pro-life agenda; support the Defense of Marriage Act; support Don't Ask Don't Tell; repeal ObamaCare; support the Second-Amendment right to bear arms; support a strong national defense; oppose unfettered union activity that is helping to drive up costs and bankrupt this nation; support the right to work in every state; oppose illegal immigration and introduce a plan to curtail it; oppose affirmative action; support initiatives that will make the U.S. energy-independent, including the development of domestic coal, oil, and natural gas; recognize that education falls under the purview of state and local governments; support the protection of human rights both at home and abroad; oppose deficit spending to prop up a failing welfare state; and support principles that...(Read Full Article)