Calling Obama's Fairness Bluff

Several deflectionist strategies are available to a politician seeking re-election despite a performance record that would have gotten him fired in private industry: (1) Argue that the dire situation in the country is someone else's fault. (2) Explain that the problems are much too great to be solved so quickly. (3) Deploy a slogan that has the potential of backing the opponent into a corner. The Obama administration held on to (1) for the longest time, blaming President Bush whenever it was convenient to do so, but now realizes that it's getting much too late in the day for this gambit to be believable. Resorting to maneuver (2) won't work either for the obvious reason that Obama's performance record is so abysmal that he would have no credibility whatever to claim he's the right man to fix the problems he created or made worse. The trick to option (3) is conjuring up a motherhood-and-apple-pie sort of catchphrase.  Obama told us what the mantra would be during...(Read Full Article)