Are Libs Smarter?

Every teacher knows that one can make any group of kids look smart just by altering the content of the test.  That is what's behind several studies purporting to show that liberals are smarter than conservatives. Using data from previous studies in Britain, researchers at Brock University in Canada claim to have discovered a relationship between IQ scores and political orientation.  The study suggests that persons of lower IQ choose to be conservatives because conservatism opposes change and is thus "safer" for those who are slow to adapt.  Not only that, the researchers find that conservatives, being persons of low intelligence, are less tolerant, less original, and less open-minded than others. In a separate study, Satoshi Kanazawa of the London School of Economics purports to have found that highly intelligent people tend to identify themselves as liberals and atheists.  Researchers suggest that the link may reflect "evolutionary forces," as smarter humans...(Read Full Article)