Americans Are Better Than Who Obama Thinks We Are

Along with their ever-present accusation that anyone who criticizes or disagrees with America's first black president is a racist, class envy is the centerpiece of Obama's re-election campaign. It is extremely disheartening that the president of the United States believes he can win the votes of a majority of Americans by exploiting the sin of covetousness and hatred for the rich.  In every speech, Obama claims that the rich are not paying their fair share.  Please excuse my frankness, but Obama is lying. Here are the facts. Half the country -- yes, I said half -- do not pay taxes at all.  Zero!  The majority of federal income taxes (70%) are paid by the top 10 percent of income-earners.  As for Obama's claim that we can solve America's financial problems by forcing the rich to pay more, it is despicable, manipulative, and hate-inspiring nonsense.  There are only 8,000 Americans who earn over 10 million dollars per year.  If Obama confiscated...(Read Full Article)