America Desperately Needs A Hero...but Who?

Stunned Americans are asking, "Why would Obama, in an election year, boldly trash the first amendment, forcing Catholic institutions to provide birth control, abortion drugs, and other contraceptive services which go against their faith?"  These baffled, naïve people still do not get it.  First and foremost, Obama is a hardcore leftist hater of America as we know it.  He is laser-focused on implementing his vowed fundamental transformation of America into a socialistic, secular-progressive Disneyland. As proven by their gleeful willingness to exempt Obama from the usual vetting process during his 2008 presidential campaign, the liberal mainstream media has given Obama every reason to be confident in their cover and support as Obama ignores the Constitution to fulfill his anti-America anti-freedom agenda. For three years, we have witnessed Obama slowly peeling off his well-crafted "moderate" mask.  Our first glimpse of the real Obama was his unprecedented...(Read Full Article)