Alan Dershowitz Says Media Matters Could Cost Obama the Election

When Professor Alan Dershowitz spoke to hundreds of pro-Israel supporters at the University of Pennsylvania last week, many understood him to be simply providing a broad-strokes counter-message to the anti-Israel Penn BDS (boycotts of, divestment from and sanctions against Israel) conference which began the next day on the same campus. But while Dershowitz was there in the ostensible role of "lover of Israel because I am a liberal Democrat," a close listening and gentle unpacking of many of his standard lines reveal more nuanced positions relating to Israel than many typically understand him to espouse.  The nuances are very important, especially because they come from so committed a tribunal of the liberal left. Indeed, while the left believes Dershowitz to be reflexively and unquestioningly pro-Israel, the right frequently sees him as reflexively pro-Obama Democrat and rigidly anti-"settlements."  But within minutes of the start of a short press conference preceding the...(Read Full Article)