Act of Valor

Watch out, Arnold -- the real-life action heroes are here.  Act of Valor, to be released on February 24, stars current active-duty SEALs.  Besides being action-packed, anyone who believes that movies should be realistic and not necessarily politically correct should see Act of Valor.  In addition to reviewing the movie, American Thinker interviewed those associated with the film. Right from the start, the movie is very intense.  Mike "Mouse" McCoy and Scott Waugh, who directed and are executives of the production company, Bandito Brothers, wanted to make the first authentic action film.  They cast eight SEALs to make sure their characteristics came across so that people can understand the difficulty of their missions, and how they risk their lives without any public recognition.  Although they prefer to be known as the "silent warriors," the eight SEALs decided to star in the movie to make sure their stories are accurately presented.  Waugh commented...(Read Full Article)