Why the U.S. Has Troops around the World

Two large elements dominate the debate over Barack Obamas decision to re-deploy the U.S. overseas military forces: the political views of preternatural isolationists and the paucity of perspective by news presenters.  The isolationists  demand that all troops be brought home now.  The national media are ignorant of why we have a military presence outside our borders to start with. No news outlet I know of has presented the background that explains why the U.S. has a military presence in key areas around the world.  This fuels the isolationist cause, leaving Americans to decide between re-deployment or no deployment.  The issue is exacerbated in the back of the collective mind in the context of the terrific budget deficit.  And our efforts abroad appear to be failures and to add to America's bad image. Since no one else will, let's review the situation.  Before World War I, America was allegedly isolationist, heeding George Washington's warning not to...(Read Full Article)