The Social Welfare State, Compassion, and Political Self-Interest

The siren song of Socialism contains the seeds of destruction that now threaten the very foundations of civilization.  Socialism as a disease progresses slowly, but it has been underway for more than a hundred years.  The malignancy is now metastasizing.  Unfortunately, ours are the generations that will experience its pernicious outcomes. Feckless politicians blame anyone and everything but themselves for the impending tragedy.  They are responsible for the condition of the world.  Ultimately, "we the people" are also responsible.  We allowed these political opportunists to create this world threat. What Went Wrong? Deterioration in the quality and orientation of government is a long story which has been a long time developing.  No one political villain can be blamed. The decline began not with the rants and ravings of Karl Marx, nor with those of any of his disciples.  The fountainhead was Otto von Bismarck in the late 19th century. Bismarck...(Read Full Article)