The Republican Identity Crisis

In the hurley-burly of the GOP's ongoing primary scramble, it is easy to overlook what a wonderful thing it is to see a major American political party in the midst of rediscovering who it is.  The other major party has the last four years to identify with, and a face to go with it.  Voters know the Obama record.  What conservatives, Reagan Democrats, Libertarians, some traditional and academic Democrats, and independent voters want to know is what else is on the menu. The candidate mash-up thus far has been informing, entertaining, and robust.  It is uniquely American that either major party after two centuries of political history could be still so connected to the voter that party regulars cannot dictate top-down, try though they might.  Grassroots movements, especially in a cyber-connected world, can claim a seat at the table, too. For Republicans, and unaffiliated voters in many states, it's like laundry day.  The wash is being done, and hung on a...(Read Full Article)