The Myth of the Rogue Paulite

Ron Paul supporters are vilified almost as much as the man himself.  In fact, polling data indicates that the following common characterizations are myths: Any strong showing for Ron Paul in the Republican presidential primary polls must have an asterisk.  Ron Paul supporters will not transfer their loyalty to any other GOP candidate should their man not get the nomination.  They will either stay home, vote for Obama, or write in Ron Paul on the ballot.  They are an heteroclite group, irregularly declined from political party nominatives, unpredictable in their apposition, and substantively anomalous.  Paul's numbers versus other Republican candidates cannot be indicative of Republican support, because his supporters are not traditional Republican voters.  Nor does he stand any chance of winning against Barack Obama because many traditional Republicans won't vote for him.  Disregard Ron Paul and his Paulistines. This is the myth. Pundits, pollsters,...(Read Full Article)