The Liveliest Campaign Season Since 1968

Those who slight the Republican primary candidates and sneer at their campaigns are either innocently misinforming their audience or strategically disinforming them.  In fact, this is the all-around spunkiest campaign season I have witnessed since 1968 and the smartest since about 1864. I have been tracking campaigns closely since 1960.  Then, as a pre-teen paperboy and JFK fan, I scrutinized the results of the Democratic primaries as intensely as I did Dodger games.  In 1964, I chanced upon Ronald Reagan's stirring televised defense of Barry Goldwater and began to rethink my adolescent allegiances. In 1968, I tried desperately to reconcile my drift to the right with Robert Kennedy's cagy shift to the left.  His assassination in June of that year spared me that burden and thrust me, though still too young to vote, into the ranks of the independent and undecided.  That was the year, of course, that the Occupy Chicago folks turned the Democratic Convention into...(Read Full Article)