The Left's Victimization Gig

The latest "victim" of the left is Jeremiah Wright, according to David Axelrod, chief political strategist for Obama's re-election campaign.  In a speech on January 10, at Thousand Oaks, Ca., he described Wright as a victim of selective editing and the 2008 news reports of him as "ninety seconds of vitrioli plucked from thirty years of sermons by some enterprising opposition researcher" (Big Government).  The "Transparency Policy" prevented the recording of the event, but the  quotation was written down and tweeted immediately upon delivery.  Numerous writings and YouTube recordings of Wright's preaching at Trinity United Church of Christ, including one  immediately after Obama's famous "race speech" in Philadelphia flatly contradict that. In evaluating the "victim" status of Wright, it's important to put him within the larger context of "victims" of the left in recent years. "Good" victims of the left have included not only Wright, but also black farmers who...(Read Full Article)