The Left's Heart of Darkness

On January 2, Alan Colmes on Fox News mocked presidential hopeful Rick Santorum and Santorum's wife for bringing their critically ill newborn son, Gabriel, into the world and then bringing him home.  Gabriel died 16 years ago, and Karen Santorum wrote a heartrending book, Letters to Gabriel, which describes how the couple dealt with the grief of his death.  Mother Teresa wrote the foreword for the book. Although Colmes has quickly retreated from his remarks, his crudeness shows how the left really thinks.  When Sarah Palin brings Trig, a child with Down Syndrome, into the world, and he is cherished and loved, the left spins its head -- why not just waste the kid before he was born?  This mockery did not end with the 2008 campaign: Family Guy in 2010 made fun of Trig, and in April, another leftist goon mocked the young child on his third birthday.  The left's heart of darkness is so dreadful that appalling bile seems normal to its minions until normal, moral...(Read Full Article)